The BMW HP4 Motorcycle

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The BMW HP4 motorcycle is the first high performance motorcycle to be accorded the HP badge. It is characterized by its four-cylinder engine that brings out its uncompromising power that has a maximum torque of 83 lb/ft. and an output of 193bhp.

The BMW HP4 motorcycle has been assembled with the most pure intelligence and has the most dynamic suspension system DDC (Dynamic Damping Control). This make it the most advanced sporting motorcycle to have been built. The DDC has the ability to adapt efficiently to any situation that it encounters.

During the riding of this motorcycle, you get the opportunity to experience the different modes that the motorcycle has been equipped with. For instance, it has the modes; Race and slick applicable on a race track and the rain and sport for the public roads. In addition, the HP4 has an improved Dynamic Traction Control that enables it to easily adjust in Silk mode promoting the balance between the system support and the rider control. This results in maximum traction and optimum acceleration.

The best performance of the BMW HP4 is supported by the high technical improvements that have been put in place. For a start, its engine has a capacity of 999cc.This characteristic explains to us why it is capable of achieving what other models haven’t been able to achieve. It also has a three-phase generator that has a capacity of 350W and a battery of 12V/7Ah that is maintenance free.

The BMW HP4 has its power transmission supported by the mechanically operated, wet multi-disc and anti-hopping clutch. In it also is a 6-speed gearbox that supports the operation of the motorcycle.

The BMW HP4 has gained popularity among many people especially those interested in motorcycle racing. This is clear evidence that it provides the best services as compared to other models. It has been generated with each of its components being of high performance. For instance, the brake lever, the clutch lever, the rider footrest system, the belly pan, and the fuel tank are all of high performance.

There is also the carbon fiber that has been used on the BMW HP4.This is for both decorative and structural purposes. It gives the motorcycle the reputation of high performance and styling which is essentially true. This carbon fiber also is thought to be a magical ingredient on the motorcycle.

BMW HP4 is the latest model that has been given the most credited attention that has made it a competitive model in the field of automotive machines. It has been built by professionals that have high expertise under an ultra-modern workshop. This therefore means that the motorcycle has been built using quality equipment that will not wear out easily to disturb the rider.

In addition, as a client, you are assured of the best maintenance services that are offered by BMW. This includes the original spare parts provided if your BMW HP4 requires such. High professionalism of BMW has ensured the production of a quality BMW HP4 that you can never regret to acquired.

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