Forgestar’s lightweight racing inspired wheel, that doesn’t break the bank.

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If you are an automotive enthusiast who gets excited at roaring engines, tires screeches, spinning wheels and the pungent smell of burnt rubber then this is great news for you. Presenting to you; the world’s first ever rotary forged drag racing wheel F14 series. This is a huge way to kick off 2017 for the Forgestar brand. The F14 wheels are available in 15 and 17 diameter and features wheels widths with the best fitments for racing applications. No matter the horse power the beast is able to generate, the F14 wheels can take the heats.

Specifications for the currently available Sizes are as follows

15” diameter wheel

  • Width                           15 x 3.75 – 15 x10
  • Offset                           -29 – 44
  • Concavity                     semi- super deep
  • Weight                          12.9 LBS – 15.6 lbs.

17” diameter wheel

  • Width                          17 x 4.5 – 17 x 10.5
  • Offset                         25 – 70
  • Concavity                     all semi
  • Weight                         15.8lbs – 20.44lbs

Every race wheels has specific pointers which serve as an advantage when it comes to achieving the optimum speed and balance required for drag racing. The F14 boasts of a few added advantages such as these:

Light weight

The lighter weight of a vehicle the better its speed and accelerations. The Forgestar applies a revolutionary technology with the rotary forged wheels creating a light weight alloy which gives race cars that extra lightness they need to build radical speed.

Tire bead seating

The hazards of an improperly seated tire bead are numerous. It is especially pertinent to race wheels due to the slams and bumps experienced at wind breaking speed. The tire goes through a lot of elastic pressure and wheel stress. The Forgestar comes with a proper bead seating which makes room for tires to get a better grip on surface.

Weight ranking

Forgestar F14 wheels have more rating in comparison to cost racing wheels due to its ability to perform with a significantly heavier load. Vehicles are able to take more weight stress. The Forgestar brand with over 30 years of experience understands the crux of wheel efficiency and durability. This has earned the brand high ratings in the drag racing world.

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