Cars with the highest Miles Per Gallons that you could choose from in 2017!

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For all those who were scared about the consequences of increased automobile use and sale, there is good news! According to the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report, the fuel economy has increased significantly over the last few years. There are some cars though that are more environmentally friendly than others. If you have been looking for one of these all along, here is our pick of the top 5 environmentally friendly cars that you must choose from!


Yes, yes we all love driving around in these amazingly well designed cars and what makes them an even greater buy is that they have the highest miles per gallon, rated at 29.2 mpg! The EPA’s report also looked into the technologies, if any used by these companies to save fuel. Amazingly, Mazda was the only company that used the direct injection method in all of its latest cars. This is probably why it covers the greatest miles per gallons!


We are already impressed by Honda and now we have another reason to love it even more! Honda’s fuel economy is only 0.7 mpg less than Mazda (28.9 mpg) but the award for the overall increase in fuel efficiency goes to Honda! As compared to the older models, their latest models are more fuel efficient, by 1.6 mpg!


With just a difference of 0.1 mpg the Subaru is an amazing contender. Especially considering that the latest models that have been released are all wheel drives and this adds more pressure on the engine.


Nissan is at the fourth position with a fuel economy of 28.3 mpg. As compared to its previous models, the new models have an increase of 1.3 mpg, only 0.3 mpg less than that of Honda. This effort to help improve fuel economy in itself should be highly applauded.

According to the EPA reports, both Nissan and Subaru use CVT transmission in most of their cars and are benefitted by it immensely!


With a fuel economy of 27.8 mpg the Hyundai secures the fifth position as the most fuel efficient car.

As you must have noticed, some of the other big names are missing from the list for various reasons. Like Ford; its car’s fuel to economy ratio only increased by 0.2 mpg over the last year. The main reason for this, as reported by EPA is that the company uses turbo charging in most of its models. Vehicle manufacturing giants like General Motors increased the production of their trucks that have low fuel economy as compared to their cars, so their overall fuel economy decreased.

Fuel efficiency is the need of the hour. It is advantageous to the consumer and the environment. With a fuel efficient car, you get to drive around for a lot less as compared to a car with low fuel efficiency. Apart from the money that you save another great thing is that it reduces the amount of pollution in our surroundings and helps keep it green.

For a brighter, more viable future, it is important that transport companies invest more in developing techniques that could help cover more miles per gallon of fuel used.

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