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The BMW i8 is an intoxicating redefinition of what super cars could be be. Boasting the most alluring of car looks, the BMW i8 presents such amazing automobile design almost licking the ground well adorned with mindblowing â€butterfly’ doors. There is no spice of exaggeration saying that the BMW i8 is the most striking automobile piece we have seen from BMW so far. The BMW i8 completes it all with a bursting performance. Sporting a 4.4-second 0-62mph sprint, you may be dragged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for omitting the BMW i8 from the list of the most excellent best sports cars ever to grace our civilization.

Officially the average fuel consumption rating for the BMW i8 is 134.5mpg, with the CO2 rating being 49g/km. These numbers are mouthwatering coming courtesy of the BMW i8 operating a petrol-electric hybrid, this is the prime of the engineering ingenuity of BMW. It is completely the future of super car, complete with a perfect match of design and price.

The BMW i8 accompanies the lovely i3 in the range of BMW’s eco-friendly ‘I’ products, just that the BMW i8 brings much delicious more to table. The BMW i8 presents this intimidating groundbreaking design sure to make mouths drool and head spin in awe with the looks of this box of wonder rocking a well enhanced plug-in hybrid powertrain. This comes on a chassis designed from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). BMW had taken its time to carefully build this with a special eye for its electric cars.

In practical reality for the BMW i8, in some dimensions the powertrain can not be said to be perfectly original – the truth is a fat number of other hybrids combine electric motors and petrol bronging about more admirable fuel economy. But the distinguishing feature of the BMW i8 is in the way its electric motors and petrol are married. The BMW i8 presents a 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo engine at the back the driver, connecting it judiciously to the front-located electric motor.

Well nothing extremely science fiction about this, yet the BMW i8 has this peculiar way of combining the 228bhp MINI engine driving the rear wheels with the 139bhp electric motor (responsible for driving the fronts). This results in this astonishing i8 instant acceleration spiced with four-wheel drive traction.

The BMW i8 a lovely engineering bewilderment racking a total of 570Nm of torque and 357bhp. With this in place, the BMW i8 will stun you with its blast from 0-62mph in barely 4.4 seconds raving up amazingly to a peak flying speed of 155mph. You can say it is not in the speed neighborhood of the Ferrari 488 GTB territory, yet the BMW i8 is sure to color someone in Porsche 911 green with envy as to speed.

The i8 is dramatically fantastic as to the specs of supercar – stunningly low, yet wide. The closest cousin of the BMW i8 is the Audi R8 on the road. The i8 has this royal edge to it however with its its wedge-resembling bonnet coming a bit extra height to the Audi R8.

In all we confidently say the BMW i8 is a complete departure from the established conventions of supercars. The BMW i8 boasts stiff competition for rival sports cars, making a loud statement as to performance and design famed for efficiency. In the future, the BMW i8 would beam its automobile light as a revolutionary pioneer in the technological lineage of supercars.


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