Forgestar’s lightweight racing inspired wheel, that doesn’t break the bank.

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If you are an automotive enthusiast who gets excited at roaring engines, tires screeches, spinning wheels and the pungent smell of burnt rubber then this is great news for you. Presenting to you; the world’s first ever rotary forged drag racing wheel F14 series. This is a huge way to kick off 2017 for the Forgestar brand. The F14 wheels are available in 15 and 17 diameter and features wheels widths with the best fitments for racing applications. No matter the horse power the beast is able to generate, the F14 wheels can take the heats.

Specifications for the currently available Sizes are as follows

15” diameter wheel

  • Width                           15 x 3.75 – 15 x10
  • Offset                           -29 – 44
  • Concavity                     semi- super deep
  • Weight                          12.9 LBS – 15.6 lbs.

17” diameter wheel

  • Width                          17 x 4.5 – 17 x 10.5
  • Offset                         25 – 70
  • Concavity                     all semi
  • Weight                         15.8lbs – 20.44lbs

Every race wheels has specific pointers which serve as an advantage when it comes to achieving the optimum speed and balance required for drag racing. The F14 boasts of a few added advantages such as these:

Light weight

The lighter weight of a vehicle the better its speed and accelerations. The Forgestar applies a revolutionary technology with the rotary forged wheels creating a light weight alloy which gives race cars that extra lightness they need to build radical speed.

Tire bead seating

The hazards of an improperly seated tire bead are numerous. It is especially pertinent to race wheels due to the slams and bumps experienced at wind breaking speed. The tire goes through a lot of elastic pressure and wheel stress. The Forgestar comes with a proper bead seating which makes room for tires to get a better grip on surface.

Weight ranking

Forgestar F14 wheels have more rating in comparison to cost racing wheels due to its ability to perform with a significantly heavier load. Vehicles are able to take more weight stress. The Forgestar brand with over 30 years of experience understands the crux of wheel efficiency and durability. This has earned the brand high ratings in the drag racing world.

The Grand Tour TV Show Versus Top Gear

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The Grand Tour can be said to be Jeremy Clarkson’s first TV show ever since he left Top Gear. The show, which launched last month on the Amazon Prime Streaming Service sparked a substantial amount of critical acclaim with some critics comparing the Grand Tour to Top Gear, claiming the former is Top Gear, given a nitros boost of Amazon Finances.

Since Top Gear is BBC Property, the producers of the new TV series set out to make the show entirely different. This article samples the differences between the two shows.

To begin with, Top Gear is hosted and Presented by BBC II while The Grand Tour is being organized by Amazon Prime Video, which is a new streaming service.

The opening credits of Top Gear usually feature a split-screen montage of flashy cars in exotic locations around the world, often ending with the usual gear cog logo. The Grand Tour’s opening sequence is a whole other story altogether. It cost the production company a whopping €2.5 million and is reported to be TV’s most expensive opening sequence.

The series begins with Clarkson leaving the BBC in London and traveling to Los Angeles. He, Hammond and May get into red, white and Blue Ford Mustangs respectively and drive a la Mad Max across the desert to the “Burning Van” festival where they are joined by over 150 cars, 2000 petrol heads, eight jet planes flying in formation and flanked by stilt-walkers and acrobats. What’s more, the first episode is symbolically titled “The Holy Trinity.”

The Top Gear theme music featured 1973’s instrumental “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers. It also featured a mix of electronic, rock and classical. The Grand Tour, on the other hand, opens with a live gospel rendition of “I can see things clearly now” by the Hothouse Flowers. The rest of the music is gentle and moody.

When we Look at the presenters of both shows, the familiar trio has been replaced by Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid with cameos from Sabina Schmidtz, Eddie Jordan, and the Stig. Grand Tour features the former team from Top Gear which included James May, Jeremy Jackson, and Richard Hammond.

The studio in Top Gear features a Dunsfold Aerodrome Hangar which is styled with scaffolding poles, checkerboard walls, and floodlights. The Grand Tour is, however, different; it does not have a permanent set. The show is meant to travel the globe with a giant tent. The producers shot the first episode at the Dry Rabbit Lake in the Mojave Desert on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Top Gear features an audience which is standing as they laugh at the presenters’ jokes on car bonnets and make-shift chairs made from leather Rolls Royce seats. In the Grand Tour, the audience sits around a stage while the hosts sit at a table. There is increased audience interaction in the show.

Top Gear, in the last series, featured different supercars, hot hatches, SUVs and classic cars. The Grand Tour on the other hand strictly featured hypercars in the pilot episode as the presenters headed to Portugal for a race between the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari. Jet skis and armored vehicles are expected to cameo later on in the series.

Know about manufacturing of coil springs

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Curiosity is the mother of invention, whether it is the factory where workers are busy in assembling different parts of a gadget or it is robots, curiosity is the ground for everything. There are various channels on television demonstrating the assembly of machinery or any device but wouldn’t it be interesting to see the manufacturing of suspension components ? All car enthusiast might know the feeling of engine making that hot sound and exhaust making you go crazy. But ever wondered what does it take to manufacture smallest of the smallest product of the amazing car? Well ! It takes alot.

When you get to be a part of the manufacturing process of any part of machinery then you get a glimpse of how actually a machinery functions. Though manufacturing of smallest to the largest part of any machinery is a simple process but getting to the final product is the real trick. In a similar way, production of coil springs seems to be easy but not as much one thinks.

The spring manufacturing starts from the quote. Once a request for quote is received along with a sample, the company starts working for it to provide the quote back to the customer. The company follows such norms as to check whether they can provide a part straight from the catalog stock or not. Afterward, the company makes the design recommendations and work closely with the client to come to a common final product. Once both parties approve, the CAD drawing and specs are reviewed to ensure a good and sturdy design. Then lastly, the production is performed and then handed over the final product on time to the customer.

Though there are many videos available online about how coil springs are manufactured but the production turns out to be a qualitative assortment of automotive coil spring by any company manufacturer. With rigorous testing by quality controllers against diverse parameters in order to deliver a defect-free range for clients. In order to check the authenticity of the genuine coil spring, make a complete audit for its sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and enhanced durability as if you are purchasing in bulk then it is necessary to do as it will assure a good final product.

A machine might do the lot of work but factory workers are an essential part of the production process. The type of risk involved in the process is heart bending as to what will happen if someone accidentally touches the glowing hot piece without protection. Everything just needs to exceed precision and care which leads to excellent product.

So, this was about one part of a car and there are so many other. No wonder the way one simple looking part product is made, how the entire car would be made. Simultaneously, it is necessary to understand that every part is essential, therefore, every part must go through a quality check to assure that the final car is worth driving and no consequence happens in future. Hence, look for yourself and judge what is great and what is not.

BMW i8 Review

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The BMW i8 is an intoxicating redefinition of what super cars could be be. Boasting the most alluring of car looks, the BMW i8 presents such amazing automobile design almost licking the ground well adorned with mindblowing â€butterfly’ doors. There is no spice of exaggeration saying that the BMW i8 is the most striking automobile piece we have seen from BMW so far. The BMW i8 completes it all with a bursting performance. Sporting a 4.4-second 0-62mph sprint, you may be dragged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for omitting the BMW i8 from the list of the most excellent best sports cars ever to grace our civilization.

Officially the average fuel consumption rating for the BMW i8 is 134.5mpg, with the CO2 rating being 49g/km. These numbers are mouthwatering coming courtesy of the BMW i8 operating a petrol-electric hybrid, this is the prime of the engineering ingenuity of BMW. It is completely the future of super car, complete with a perfect match of design and price.

The BMW i8 accompanies the lovely i3 in the range of BMW’s eco-friendly ‘I’ products, just that the BMW i8 brings much delicious more to table. The BMW i8 presents this intimidating groundbreaking design sure to make mouths drool and head spin in awe with the looks of this box of wonder rocking a well enhanced plug-in hybrid powertrain. This comes on a chassis designed from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). BMW had taken its time to carefully build this with a special eye for its electric cars.

In practical reality for the BMW i8, in some dimensions the powertrain can not be said to be perfectly original – the truth is a fat number of other hybrids combine electric motors and petrol bronging about more admirable fuel economy. But the distinguishing feature of the BMW i8 is in the way its electric motors and petrol are married. The BMW i8 presents a 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo engine at the back the driver, connecting it judiciously to the front-located electric motor.

Well nothing extremely science fiction about this, yet the BMW i8 has this peculiar way of combining the 228bhp MINI engine driving the rear wheels with the 139bhp electric motor (responsible for driving the fronts). This results in this astonishing i8 instant acceleration spiced with four-wheel drive traction.

The BMW i8 a lovely engineering bewilderment racking a total of 570Nm of torque and 357bhp. With this in place, the BMW i8 will stun you with its blast from 0-62mph in barely 4.4 seconds raving up amazingly to a peak flying speed of 155mph. You can say it is not in the speed neighborhood of the Ferrari 488 GTB territory, yet the BMW i8 is sure to color someone in Porsche 911 green with envy as to speed.

The i8 is dramatically fantastic as to the specs of supercar – stunningly low, yet wide. The closest cousin of the BMW i8 is the Audi R8 on the road. The i8 has this royal edge to it however with its its wedge-resembling bonnet coming a bit extra height to the Audi R8.

In all we confidently say the BMW i8 is a complete departure from the established conventions of supercars. The BMW i8 boasts stiff competition for rival sports cars, making a loud statement as to performance and design famed for efficiency. In the future, the BMW i8 would beam its automobile light as a revolutionary pioneer in the technological lineage of supercars.


The BMW HP4 Motorcycle

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The BMW HP4 motorcycle is the first high performance motorcycle to be accorded the HP badge. It is characterized by its four-cylinder engine that brings out its uncompromising power that has a maximum torque of 83 lb/ft. and an output of 193bhp.

The BMW HP4 motorcycle has been assembled with the most pure intelligence and has the most dynamic suspension system DDC (Dynamic Damping Control). This make it the most advanced sporting motorcycle to have been built. The DDC has the ability to adapt efficiently to any situation that it encounters.

During the riding of this motorcycle, you get the opportunity to experience the different modes that the motorcycle has been equipped with. For instance, it has the modes; Race and slick applicable on a race track and the rain and sport for the public roads. In addition, the HP4 has an improved Dynamic Traction Control that enables it to easily adjust in Silk mode promoting the balance between the system support and the rider control. This results in maximum traction and optimum acceleration.

The best performance of the BMW HP4 is supported by the high technical improvements that have been put in place. For a start, its engine has a capacity of 999cc.This characteristic explains to us why it is capable of achieving what other models haven’t been able to achieve. It also has a three-phase generator that has a capacity of 350W and a battery of 12V/7Ah that is maintenance free.

The BMW HP4 has its power transmission supported by the mechanically operated, wet multi-disc and anti-hopping clutch. In it also is a 6-speed gearbox that supports the operation of the motorcycle.

The BMW HP4 has gained popularity among many people especially those interested in motorcycle racing. This is clear evidence that it provides the best services as compared to other models. It has been generated with each of its components being of high performance. For instance, the brake lever, the clutch lever, the rider footrest system, the belly pan, and the fuel tank are all of high performance.

There is also the carbon fiber that has been used on the BMW HP4.This is for both decorative and structural purposes. It gives the motorcycle the reputation of high performance and styling which is essentially true. This carbon fiber also is thought to be a magical ingredient on the motorcycle.

BMW HP4 is the latest model that has been given the most credited attention that has made it a competitive model in the field of automotive machines. It has been built by professionals that have high expertise under an ultra-modern workshop. This therefore means that the motorcycle has been built using quality equipment that will not wear out easily to disturb the rider.

In addition, as a client, you are assured of the best maintenance services that are offered by BMW. This includes the original spare parts provided if your BMW HP4 requires such. High professionalism of BMW has ensured the production of a quality BMW HP4 that you can never regret to acquired.

Cars with the highest Miles Per Gallons that you could choose from in 2017!

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For all those who were scared about the consequences of increased automobile use and sale, there is good news! According to the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report, the fuel economy has increased significantly over the last few years. There are some cars though that are more environmentally friendly than others. If you have been looking for one of these all along, here is our pick of the top 5 environmentally friendly cars that you must choose from!


Yes, yes we all love driving around in these amazingly well designed cars and what makes them an even greater buy is that they have the highest miles per gallon, rated at 29.2 mpg! The EPA’s report also looked into the technologies, if any used by these companies to save fuel. Amazingly, Mazda was the only company that used the direct injection method in all of its latest cars. This is probably why it covers the greatest miles per gallons!


We are already impressed by Honda and now we have another reason to love it even more! Honda’s fuel economy is only 0.7 mpg less than Mazda (28.9 mpg) but the award for the overall increase in fuel efficiency goes to Honda! As compared to the older models, their latest models are more fuel efficient, by 1.6 mpg!


With just a difference of 0.1 mpg the Subaru is an amazing contender. Especially considering that the latest models that have been released are all wheel drives and this adds more pressure on the engine.


Nissan is at the fourth position with a fuel economy of 28.3 mpg. As compared to its previous models, the new models have an increase of 1.3 mpg, only 0.3 mpg less than that of Honda. This effort to help improve fuel economy in itself should be highly applauded.

According to the EPA reports, both Nissan and Subaru use CVT transmission in most of their cars and are benefitted by it immensely!


With a fuel economy of 27.8 mpg the Hyundai secures the fifth position as the most fuel efficient car.

As you must have noticed, some of the other big names are missing from the list for various reasons. Like Ford; its car’s fuel to economy ratio only increased by 0.2 mpg over the last year. The main reason for this, as reported by EPA is that the company uses turbo charging in most of its models. Vehicle manufacturing giants like General Motors increased the production of their trucks that have low fuel economy as compared to their cars, so their overall fuel economy decreased.

Fuel efficiency is the need of the hour. It is advantageous to the consumer and the environment. With a fuel efficient car, you get to drive around for a lot less as compared to a car with low fuel efficiency. Apart from the money that you save another great thing is that it reduces the amount of pollution in our surroundings and helps keep it green.

For a brighter, more viable future, it is important that transport companies invest more in developing techniques that could help cover more miles per gallon of fuel used.